[twitteR-users] New dev version of both twitteR & ROAuth available

Jeff Gentry gentrj at hexdump.org
Mon Mar 18 18:46:26 PDT 2013

Hi all ...

There are changes to both twitteR and ROAuth on github with bundled 
packages available for download. Particularly for those of you 
experiencing difficulties it'd be good to download these and use them 
instead of the CRAN versions.

Also searchTwitter() has been enhanced on the since & until args. Both can 
still take the simple date argument as before but now they can also take 
an optional time argument, e.g.:

since="2013-03-17 17:30:20"

These times will be understood as UTC timezone.

I'm still working on this so if this functionality is something that 
interests you please do try it and see how well (or not) it works for you.

Paths to files:


Windows users use the zip version, otherwise use the tarball. As of the 
moment I'm writing this the zip versions aren't online yet but should be 
within 20-30 mins.


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